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We Just Accept That We Are

It is not that we choose to be different We just accept that we are We walk in your world But we see another. We try to pretend that we fit in Sometimes It’s something people have to do To make a living To survive To not be completely outcast Outside, alone But deep inside…

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We Are The Artists

We walk in your world, but we see another. We Are The Artists We Are The Artists ~ Paperback on Amazon We Are The Artists – Available on Kindle In the way you make your art, art makes you. A bridge, a road, a channel through, what you would never say, or hardly do, all…


And That is When You Take the Deepest Breath

I did not know at the time but I had fallen in love. The kind of love that makes you tremble under your skin from a place further within than you realized existed inside of you before then. The kind of love that feels like the deepest breath you could take in your life. Like…


And Change the End ~

she resurfaces Occasionally just long enough to let them see that something still exists behind quiet lips and distant eyes something a word or two still held inside her open hand a thought a plan to write her story and change the end. Charity (2014)   


The Elixir That She Bathes In

Love is the elixir that she bathes in Dances, dreams and aches in. The ancient magic That stirs in her The dew on the grass The wisp of a cloud That travels past, Lives is this girl That you desire But can never Fully grasp As She is the one That soars in a dream…


To Land

She’s not like other girls You can’t own her Just borrow And share a moment If she wants it. But she’s a ghost Unseen Unknown… And she travels Too occupied with Making the most Of exploring this universe To be taken and kept She’s not like others She’s a spirit Fearless Wrapped in skin But…


Nor in the Night

You didn’t see me in the light nor in the night did you? you did not see me from a distance you did not recognize me at all… did you not see me passing like a shadow through the trees did you not see me gliding like a ghost along the breeze did you not…