The Elixir That She Bathes In

Love is the elixir that she bathes in
Dances, dreams and aches in.
The ancient magic
That stirs in her
The dew on the grass
The wisp of a cloud
That travels past,
Lives is this girl
That you desire
But can never
Fully grasp
She is the one
That soars in a dream
Back to her sleeping body
Soundly within
The lines
And rhymes of poetry
She is
The divine
Awakened mystery
Outside of time
She is the distant desire
In your mind
For what you would have
Never planned
And cannot understand

Just take a breath
And take her hand

Trust that all is well
And you will not utterly lose yourself
To a girl
Who bathes in the well
Of love.

You’ll only lose yourself
Just enough
To find
What distant inside
You always knew
You wanted

From the beginning.





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