We Are The Artists

We walk in your world, but we see another. We Are The Artists

We Are The Artists ~ Paperback on Amazon

We Are The Artists – Available on Kindle

In the way you make your art, art makes you.
A bridge, a road, a channel through, what you would never say, or hardly do, all comes to be a part of reality when you create.
Art screams your quiet unseen, and tells the story,
You would only dream.
When you write, paint, create, your soul and all you hide
Pours forth from within and fills an ocean of exquisite with the you,
You thought was hidden.
You – Inside, Unseen, covered with care, hiding from need
You – explode from the depths of your soul, of your heart.
You appear in your art.
Your inner being surfaces on a page
In a song, or splashed across a canvas.
Your restless subconscious emerges and says to the world
“This is me.”
In the way you make your art, Art makes you.

In November 2012 Charity Janisse left her stable office job to travel and pursue her dream of a career in the arts. She is now exhibiting her artwork internationally and is a successful children’s author. This book is the honest (and very personal) story of her journey. This is the poetry she wrote, the art she created and the photographs she took, as her life was changing dramatically around her. In this book you will see the authentic soul of an artist pursuing her dream. It is her hope that you will be inspired by her poetic journey to create and share your own work and pursue the kind of life you genuinely desire.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh”

“A glimpse into the soul of a sister artist.” – Linda Janisse
A sincere expedition of acceptance through art and poetry.” – Andrea Marlow

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