But if You Actually Knew…

You didn’t realize the extraordinary importance of your sheer existence did you?
You woke up
Every morning
Thinking you were just a regular person
Or less than that maybe
You didn’t realize you were everything
And you were
Born to make the world
A completely different place
From the one
To which you came.
You didn’t know did you
And you still don’t?
But me, well I see things you know.
And you…
You make what you make
Each and every day
You do what you feel so driven to do
And you struggle too much the rest of the time
And you never knew
You still don’t do you?
But you’re
Everything you ever wanted to be
The type whose name
Will live on the lips
Of millions one day.
You may never realize it either
And it breaks my heart
But if you actually knew
How brilliant you are
Perhaps you wouldn’t be broken enough
To create
Such captivating art.




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