And Can We Be?

It was the turn that turned me
The ending of serenity
You changed my skin to vapor
You turned my body to ash
You awoke
A sleeping
And I will not go back
To a normal human existence
After discovering
All that I am.
Love has transformed
My body into want
My heart into light
And my mind into night.
But I would rather be
For the loss of us
Than go back
To the tame and tempered
Girl I was
Before I met the one
Who would initiate
The greatest change
That has ever taken place
In me.
And love hurts sometimes
Much like
The pain you feel
If you’ve ever touched
The edge of death
And then decided
To return to life
But it feels so damn good to be truly alive ~
And can we be?
Without this desire
Without this definition
Without this experience
Without this transformation?
Can we be truly alive
If we have never died
At least a little bit
For the sake
Of what
We love?

Written Spring 2014



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