A Different Air Here

You’re frightened a bit
Aren’t you?
As if you let yourself go
Any deeper into this
There may be no escape
I know
I can be pretty intense
And right now you’re looking into the pool
Of other worlds
And possibilities
And wondering if
You can wade in a bit
But keep your head
Safely above the waters
I’m sorry you cannot
There is a different air here
That we breathe
In this mystical place
when we leave
The world of known
The world of simple
And you’re frightened
Are you not?
You like your control
And in this place
Beneath the sea of other worlds
With me
Well you cannot plan a thing.
Nor can you choose what
You leave behind
Or what you bring
For when we come here
We leave behind

Except ourselves.

And can you trust me
Am I real
Or am I
After all this is just glimpse isn’t it
There is more
Beyond ~
When you reach your hand in
When you reach for me
Your hand disappears
And you cannot see
What is within

But you can touch my hand
You can feel my skin
And for a minute you might try
And pull me back
To the world of “facts”
Where you live
But I will never return to that place again
I’m sorry
But I like my world
I will not leave it
For yours
So you can go your way
Or you can dive deep in
And discover if you can still breathe
In this place where I live.




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