Flesh, Blood, Thought & Forgetting

I was meant to

Follow you into the night

I know that.

I was meant to dive deep into the depths of the blackness 

And bring you light

(In a moment when not a goddamn thing in your life felt right)

I was meant to reach for you

I was meant to touch your face

I was meant to meet your eyes

And bring you back from that far off place ~

But how?

Tell me how

(If possible 

Tell me


I was meant to dive all

The way down

Into the worst

Of the curse

with you.

And bring you back truly alive

Willing to give something more

Than mere survival a try.

I was meant to wake you

I was meant to take you


With me.

I think…
Or were you the one 

Meant to return for me for me?

(Humanity makes it so easy to forget)

We had it all sorted out

Before we left

The other side…

To enter this space, this time.

So clear

So fearless

So right.

And now here I stand

Flesh, blood, thought and forgetting

Was I meant to be the one searching 

Or to be the one waiting?

And so 


I wait.

Hating the passage of time

With your lips 

So far from mine 

And yet if I follow you 

Into your night

Would I also be here,  still waiting


You arrive?

-Charity Janisse


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