Did you forget you’re ageless

Were you anything ever
Was I anyone
To you
Maybe yes
Maybe never
But I belong…
When the day turns night
Shadows turn
I turn
To a thought of you
It’s something old
And nothing new
I do.
As our souls
When we began
Younger than we realize
Now and then.
Did you forget
You’re ageless
I touch you?
Did you forget I was yours
Before time
And all that
Began –
To be recorded
Rewound, fast forward
Don’t forget you’re everything
Don’t forget you’re everything
If I was never anything…
Just don’t forget you’re everything –
I ever wanted
(And I looked a long time)
Not just a lifetime
But several
And you were damn hard to track down
7 wonders or perhaps thousands
I have wandered
This universe is nothing –
So small compared
To the places I’ve traveled
In the hopes
Of meeting you there…
Oh the places I’ve traveled
For a moment or two
Of eye contact with you –
And it’s worth it


To have seen you
In the flesh
To know you exist
And now I can rest
Knowing we’ve met
And maybe in the next
You won’t forget
That we were supposed to matter
To each other
For a little longer
Than a few stolen nights
Of lust and lies…
We were meant to matter
But at least I don’t have
To wander
Search the universe over
You exist
And I have peace
In this.



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