It’s back to this, awake and writing in the the night, it always comes back to this. I tried to sleep an hour ago, the sensible thing to do, with the day I have ahead of me tomorrow. But these thoughts, they toss and turn me out of bed, into the night restless. I step out my back door, breathe in the cool midnight air and a story is pouring into my mind. With no outlet I would certainly go mad, so instead of sleep I grab a pen or keyboard and let the words slip from mind to fingertip. I think of you and I wonder if you’re alone too, sleeping soundly, chasing a dream, chasing a girl. What does it even matter to me, when after every love affair, chance meeting, tryst or tragedy ~ it’s just back to me and a torrent of words I cannot stop, flowing forth from my mind in the middle of the night. I’m beginning to wonder if I even know what love is, when the only love that has ever lasted for me is this ~ paper, pen and a cup of coffee. And I stand here in my kitchen doorway, nothing but a blue throw to protect me from the evening air, as I open the door, breathe in the night and wonder ~ do I bother to write or be sensible and try to get some sleep. Write it is… my love, my bliss, the only affair that ever worked out for me is this, it always always comes back to this.

Charity Janisse


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    • Wow thank you! I really appreciate the compliment! Thanks for reading and enjoying my photos too. Look forward to your blog in my feed :).


  1. Given the nature of your bound reclusiveness with the pen, I am honored to have your like and I do look forward to exploring your twilight driven world. πŸ™‚

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  2. Thanks for Liking my piece Fifteen Candles on learningtocry.wordpress.com
    I am so glad you stopped by and by doing so drew me to your awesome blog.
    I absolutely love what you wrote here on your About page!
    And, I am right there with you….my truest love always in life….always my writing. : )
    Love to you,
    Look forward to reading more of your poetry. It’s beautiful, like you.
    Are you the painter as well? I love the artwork that goes with your writing. It is beautiful as well.
    As for the sleep thing….I need to be doing that right now. : )

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  3. You are such a well-rounded artist and it’s a delight to be able to spend time at your blog. I look forward to spending more time here. Cheers! Thomas

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  4. Hi.
    I follow your blog and received an email containing your poem ‘and my hands dance along the canvas’
    I tried to follow the link but its broken?
    It might just be my phone so I’ll check again later after work (I’ll probably leave a nore in depth comment on it if i find it).

    But, i wanted to let you know that i thought it was beautiful. I’m on the otherside of that situation right now. Only im not fine. I’m a wreck.
    It’s what im sitting here hoping she feels (even though she broke it off).
    It upset me reading it, but only because it spoke to me on such a deep and emotional level.
    I just wanted to say i hope you’re ok, and that it was one of the most emotionally charged poems I’ve ever read πŸ™‚ thank you for the chance to read it this morning!

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    • Hi Dan, I published it and then later thought the poem might be a little intense for a public blog. I forget that the poems go to everyone’s emails too :), makes me think maybe I should take the time to publish here more often! I’m glad you said something. As for where you are at, I’m sorry to hear that. I can tell you, as a woman I have broken off about 10 relationships in my life. And in only three out of those ten relationships, would I have been willing to work things out if the other person had pursued me and told me they would like to try. The rest of the times, over, was truly over. And not because I didn’t have feelings for the person, often I did, and I liked them and they were important parts of my life. But the reasons for leaving had a lot more to do with knowing that even though the attraction was there, something was just off. But it is true, occasionally women leave because we feel perhaps we care more about the other person than they care about us and if we knew they felt strongly too, we would probably want to try and move forward instead of running away. I left this situation because my feelings were one sided, and it was painful and embarrassing to feel so strongly for someone who didn’t feel the same. I don’t know why you are where you are at. But women do break up, even when their feelings are really strong. Sometimes it’s worth just asking them if there is a chance, sometimes it’s better to let go. But I have I no idea how someone is to know…

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      • Hi, thank you for you reply and the follow!
        I have to say I’ll be saving the email. It truly is wonderful. I understand why you took it down, it was very intense, but i have to say sometimes that’s what we feel. I’m sorry for your situation. Truly i am.
        I have to say, i dont think she’ll be coming back. I’ve told her my feelings, they were never in doubt. From her, shes told me it just felt too much too soon. But its so complicated and confusing there’s not really a single explanation. It’s just so upsetting when you truly feel for someone and they walk away. For whatever reasons. She’s the first person ive ever really let myself go with, and whilst i dont regret it, because she did, at least one time (maybe still does), feel the same.
        I agree, i want to believe there’s still a chance, and she’s given me every reason to believe there might be in the future, but right now – I’m hurting. You have my sympathies, and my adoration for your poetry! Please let me know if you decide to post it again, I’d like to share it on my personal blog (different to the cocktail one) x

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      • Wow yeah, well it’s good you have made your feelings clear at least! Some relationships have times of separation and connection, so who knows. And thank you for your kind words. I am actually in a very comfortable relationship presently, so no need to be sorry. πŸ™‚ That’s the tough thing about sharing poetry. Poetry is where I express my deepest, unspoken emotions, and though it reflects how I feel it doesn’t always reflect where I am right now. I had gotten away from writing poetry because it’s the difficult emotions that drive me to write and my life has been pretty peaceful the past year or so. Occasionally something will hit me tho. A song, or a memory and suddenly the most difficult emotions bubble to the surface and I like to honor them by writing. Even if I am writing about a hopeless, past situation. It’s funny though, I don’t think I’ll ever truly give up hope, love doesn’t give up if it’s real, even if lives go on in separate directions, love tends to keep us all connected.

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      • I’m keeping my hopes and faith in how i feel. It’s just a little raw right now. I suffer from anxiety which tends to stir up the emotions on a daily basis when im at work etc. So it’s difficult to process things sometimes. I’m hoping to start seeing a professional about controlling the anxiety but while i wait, my brain feels a bit like a blender. I can’t do anything at the moment, the balls in her court. Im hoping she’ll push past her fears and come back – like you said who knows? I just don’t want to let myself sit and wait if that makes sense?
        Oh well im very glad that you’re happy! Oh i totally get the reasons for your poetry. Mine is never as good as i want it to be. But love and happiness tend to fuel mine.
        I’ve written a lot recently but now i just can’t bring myself to do it.
        I love writing and its a great medium to use for expressing ones self. Your blog is great and i do hope you consider posting more often!

        Do you mind if i share the poem via my personal blog later? I’ll do it so it has it as a link. I can’t promise loads of views but it’s something that really spoke to me πŸ™‚

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      • Sure, feel free to share! Please give me a link to your personal blog so I can see the post :). I suffer from anxiety too, that’s part of what drives me to write and paint, it calms me. I’ve never gone to therapy, but I find meditation and switching my focus from thinking about what I fear, to what I love, helps quite a bit. Sometimes just picking a positive phrase and repeating it in my mind when the panic kicks in, can redirect my thoughts and calm me down. It’s worth a try. I am glad you connected with me. I hardly use WordPress any more and I forget I have readers who can connect with my work, if I post it. I tend to be in my own little world and forget that others read my work and enjoy it. It helps so much to know. I am going to make an effort to do more posting here. You’ve definitely got me thinking this morning, I truly appreciate that!

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      • Thank you! I’ve just posted it, here’s the link https://hatingtoloveblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/keeping-track-part-9/
        I hope you don’t mind me saying that It’s really helped me find a little bit of happiness on a very stressful and overwhelming day!
        I write a lot, I have a short story waiting for me when I can think straight once more. Writing is my passion and I hope I can get to a place where I can focus enough to get something going again!
        Thank you, I shall try that if I can find a phrase or quote that has that effect! I can sometimes talk my self down, but it is increasingly difficult the more i spiral. I get upset when i’m anxious, which makes me more anxious etc etc.
        I am glad too, it has made me smile when i didn’t think i could! I definitely think you should at least consider posting more, even if it’s just artwork. This particular poem spoke volumes to me, and I imagine there are a lot of people out there who can connect and love your work too!
        You’re welcome, considering your post, whilst emotional to read, really cheered me up today. So I say we’re even!

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